Saturday, October 19, 2019

Team Creation Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Team Creation Paper - Essay Example A project manager is typically responsible for managing the member of a project team. If he directly selects a team or if he simply works with different human resources within a business he must be able to recognize the players within the company with specific characteristics and skills that can help him accomplish the project goals. People that are open minded and work well with others who are respected among their peers, supervisors and stakeholders of the company are excellent candidates to work in a team project (Prosci, 2001). It is also essential for the project manager to build a balance team in which its members are diverse individuals with a variety of skills. The composition of the team should include the following people: Once a team is build there are practices that enhance the functionality of the team. Some of these practices are establishing objectives together, performing organized meetings, a clear understanding of the team rules, promoting team responsibility and establishing specific time commitments (Msh, 1998). Conflict is a common occurrence in virtually all projects. The most important responsibility of the project manager when dealing with conflict is not to let it escalate to a level in which a single conflict compromises the completion of the entire project. There are a variety of sources which cause conflict within the project. A common conflict is the different goals and perspectives a project manager has in comparison with the functional managers of a company. These two parties differ over aspects of the project such as cost, reward and relative importance of timing (Conflict and Negotiation). Within the project team at times there is uncertainty of who has the authority in different aspects of the project, the PM or the functional manager. Conflict can also arise between the client and the project manager or between the

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