Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Boundary-Less Career Concept and Implications for the Career Essay

Boundary-Less Career Concept and Implications for the Career Development - Essay Example As a business student, researcher feels that the world of business offers me exciting opportunities. What he really means by the boundary-less career regimes lies in the fact that business is on the upward move. It is always growing and expanding and not being stagnant at any point in time. For the author to look up to the future and visualize himself standing with the top management gurus, he feels pride in stating that he can relate to what they do, work and feel like. The author can relate to their respective concepts of career development and the manner in which they have taken an upward growth path. He believes that he can always contribute in a better manner towards the society if he works in a business organization because this is something that comes from within – it is naturally inclined to the researcher to act, think and feel business-mindedly. The implications that stand in the way of the author’s career development include his understanding related with the niche segments of the business and comprehension which he can attain in the wake of finding out more and more as to what exactly is happening in the local terrains and on the global front. The boundaryless career concept of business offers the researcher a range of options to start with. He could look at the retailing side of the business where channel members could mean significance for his trade. The author could look at the middle management regimes and thus present himself in line with the changing market dynamics. The researcher can offer his services in the client relationship side which offers him to interact with all sorts of customers and clients and thus open his sense of understanding with different people almost on a daily basis. The author could opt for the sales management areas and thus expand my sales vision as well as the manner under which he could get to know what is happening at the wholesalers’ ends and as to how the different chain levels interact with each other whilst setting their own standards along the line.

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