Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Electric and Magnetic Fields Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Electric and Magnetic Fields - Assignment Example The paper tells that the force of magnetism acts in a region around a moving electric charge or a magnet; this region is defined as a magnetic field. It is shown in Fig. 1. The magnetic field can be conceptualized in terms of magnetic field lines. The density of field lines determines the field strength, Magnetic flux is defined as the total number of lines of the magnetic field that pass through an area. Magnetic flux is measured in terms of Tesla meter squared (T †¢ m2) another name for which is Weber (Wb). A magnetic field’s intensity can be expressed in terms of the magnetic field strength. A distinction can be technically made between magnetic flux density B and magnetic field strength H. Magnetic flux density is also called teslas (T) and is measured in Newton-meters per ampere (Nm/A) whereas magnetic field strength is measured in terms of amperes per meter (A/m). The density of magnetic flux reduces as the distance is increased from a straight line that connects ma gnetic poles’ pair around which there is a stable magnetic field. There is direct proportionality between the magnetic flux density and the current in amperes at a location in a current carrying wire’s vicinity. A piece of iron or some other ferromagnetic object when brought inside a magnetic field experiences a force known as the magnetic force which is directly proportional to the magnetic field strength’s gradient with respect to the location of the object. In telecommunications, a measuring device known as field strength meter is used to measure the electric field that a transmitter causes. Magnetometers are the devices used to measure the strength of a magnetic field. Some important magnetometers’ classes comprise use of a rotating coil, NMR magnetometers, fluxgate magnetometers, SQUID magnetometers, and Hall Effect magnetometers.

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