Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Magodi project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Magodi project - Essay Example .higher level of employees involve more in mental calculation while physical jobs are take up by lower level workers. The objective of the work is a key element and should be given utmost importance. It is the most important planning aid which assists an organization in achieving success. An objective has more importance than a goal and a manager should be keen on this aspect. Operational need is also an important aspect to be considered before a certain job or work plan is drawn into action. This concentrate on different activities to be carried out to make the plan successful. The resources needed to fulfill a particular work are materialized and plans are made to put them in practice. Efficiency of the worker and the plan has a great role to play. The machines and equipments involved in the work should be of high quality so that minimal energy is consumed with high out put. Workers have to be efficient in their field of activity. A good organization of the activities will ensure more efficiency in the working plans. The plans should be studied intensively and negative and positive activities have to thoroughly check before implication. Time has to be utilized well and there should be good quality of communication between all people involved in the work plan. Cost factor is a major element to be given utmost importance. The plan should be economical and should not impose great financial burden on the firm. A proper estimation has to conduct in order to find the costs involved and their respective outcome. Cost refers to the value of the resource spend on particular activities involved in the business. Cost involved in the process of work should be studied with the aid of professionals and estimation should be created. â€Å"Cost-effectiveness values are a useful tool for comparing the relative merits of Consultation is to be done before initiating any plan or work. The appropriate professionals have to approach to take valuable advice and

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