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Professional Credo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Professional Credo - Essay Example I have come to realize that this is a rather significant and influential value in the course of the interaction between people. In a school setting, this value is portrayed through the interactions of educators with each other and with the students. I believe that for a system to function properly it is of the essence for respect to be existent between the various stakeholders that keep the institution alive. This is because respect is an element, which is two-way. One of the most controversial issues which educators are faced with, and one, which brings about the questioning of respect is when a student means to differ with what the educator is presenting. The notion in this case is that the educator is mostly right in almost all the occasions. For starters, it is significant to note that respect for other people’s opinions is something, which is highly valued in a particular setting. For this reason, an educator has to be in a position to take in and respect what another par ty, particularly a student may pose. Teaching is defined as the cause of knowing something. In this case, the teacher imparts knowledge on the students. This, however, is not to say that the teacher necessarily knows everything. There are those elements which the teacher does not know and on the other hand, there are those elements which the students may have some knowledge of in comparison to the teacher. The one thing, which will make these two parties come to agreement with each other, is the element of respect in them. Respect is something, which I will hold with high esteem in the course of my interaction with the various people in the school. I would not like to disrespect a person because equally I would not like them to disrespect me. I believe that if the students respect each other, they will be in a position to exercise this same respect in other areas, say their education, for example (Noddings, 2010). They will be in a position to see how important this education is. Co mpassion In the course of the teaching profession, there are various instances in which the teacher will get to encounter situations that will demand compassion on the part of the tutor. This is especially in the course of their interactions with their students. There are those students who will be on the wrong in some instances. The true test of compassion on the part of the teacher will be portrayed in the way he or she will handle such students. A case example in this case may be an issue to do with a child who has not carried out his or her assignment majorly because of some upheavals at his or her home. This, as child psychology establishes, is something, which may have some rather devastating effects on the child in question. How will the teacher handle the case of such a child? This is especially if the teacher is punishing other children who have not done the assignment. I believe that compassion is something, which automatically comes up on the part of the teacher majorly a s a result of the situation which he or she may be in. The day-to day activities that are involved with the teaching profession pose situations where the teacher has to exercise compassion (Pierce & Newstorm, 2006). This is especial

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