Monday, September 23, 2019

Essay on Law and Politics. Can the United Nations meet the key

On Law and Politics. Can the United Nations meet the key challenges facing the international community today - Essay Example Along with this evolution of humans and territories, the political setup, which ruled villages, also evolved and new political setups came into being, to rule cities, provinces or states and importantly countries. So, this evolution and establishment of different countries and their government setups have necessitated the formation of a single, omnipresent overseeing organization. The organization that will look after, how the various countries ‘interact’ in sensitive issues, collude in issues which are detrimental to the third country, their internal affairs etc, etc- the list is an lengthy one. In total, a global government to govern the entire globe or world was the need of the hour and so United Nations (UN) was established in 1945. But, the image of ‘global government’ was compromised by the unilateral actions of few countries. So, this paper will discuss how UN despite this contemporary challenge of unilateralism by some countries is still relevant and optimally functioning with the tag of global government UN was started or raised from the ruins of the Second War mainly as an international organization that can prevent any further occurrence of World wars and to look after the basic issues concerning the world population. On 25 April 1945, the ‘seeding’ for the UN was ‘laid’ in San Francisco, when the UN Conference on International Organizations was held with representatives of national governments, non-governmental organizations and important leaders of the world countries participating in it. They were involved in the drafting the UN charter. That charter and thereby the United Nation Organization came into being two months later on June 26, 1945. Around 50 nations who attended the conference and provided their inputs for the drafting of the charter signed the charter, becoming UN members. In course of time, more countries joined it, raising its strength to over 200 countries, giving

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