Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Enviromental Economics Problem Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Enviromental Economics Problem - Research Paper Example Healthcare by products have been disposed to rivers and other areas that are ineffective for their disposal. As a result these wastes have brought with them different devastating affects most of them affecting the economy of the country. The waste is as a result of various economic activities taking place in the country. This therefore means that the waste and their effects are as a result of market failures. Identification of the problem is a key factor here and it involves looking at all the externalities of the various economic activities and the economic activities that are associated with them. Problem analysis is the other factor that we consider here. By the use of a demand curve, we can determine the net social benefit and the marginal private benefit and determine the causes of these externalities. At the end a solution which is economically appropriate is given out to replace the various policies. Problem identification There are various environmental problems that are seen in Kuwait. Following the announcement by Mohammed Al-Enzi that Sabah Al-Ahmad city was at a risk of pollution due to the exposure of the various liquid industrial wastes. This is situated just four kilometers from the city. He also states that Kuwait is one of the countries that have challenges regarding environmental waste disposal. Municipal solid waste is also a problem that is faced by the country. The collection of this waste, their transportation and disposal is a major challenge for the country various suggestions have been put forward to help in the management of these sites such involves the use of anaerobic digestion of the waste before disposing them to the land. Using LCA, the impact of these waste were seen to influence people a lot negatively. Electronic waste is another important point of discussion here. E waste should always be separated with other waste that is decomposable. However in Kuwait, these E wastes are mixed with other waste materials that can be decompo sed thereby making it even hard to dispose. People are also ignorant about the effects of electronic waste on the life of an individual and the entire world. Most people therefore do not take necessary effects needed in order to separate the E wastes from other bio degradable wastes. Awareness is therefore needed and this is the call for both public and government intervention. Healthcare products waste is also common in Kuwait. There are various diseases that are seen in the area of Kuwait due to the rising number of bad disposal of healthcare products. These result in negative economic impact on the government and the people of Kuwait as this disease are expensive to treat and better ways of disposal are also expensive to set and maintain. Poor disposal of these materials is also a major challenge that is faced by the people of Kuwait. By products from healthcare is also a challenge to the people as they have to think of the best way to dispose them and make them have no threat to causing diseases. Various hospitals are also taking the advantage of government reluctance and disposing their waste in a dangerous manner. This result in environmental pollution which in the long run affects the economy. Problem analysis The externalities experienced in Kuwait are as a result of the marginal social cost (MSC) being more than the private costs (MPC). From the look, there is more profit that the government an

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