Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Developing an argument (gobal warming) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Developing an argument (gobal warming) - Essay Example The argument I am going to build in this essay is that the global warming will not be a continuous phenomenon and that the mankind will handle this issue in order to secure the long term survival of our future generations to come and since global warming is a natural phenomenon therefore it will stop the same way it was started by the nature. Over the history of mankind, we have successfully battled the gore threats from nature which were threatening to our survival on the earth. These threats included floods, earth quacks, tsunamis, viruses etc and through all these, we, as mankind has successfully emerged as winners. It is simple human nature that we want to evolve and in that process we come up with innovations and methods which allowed us to handle these. Since the main causes of the global warming are greenhouse gas concentrations, therefore plantation of new trees and especially those that have the capability of absorbing heat can significantly contribute towards reducing the i mpact of global warming on the planet earth. Scientists have discovered that plants with short life cycles or quick growing plants like weeds have the capability to cope with the global warming.(sciencedaily,2007). Similarly corals adopt to cope with the global warming more than any other thing as the studies suggest that corals may be able to sustain the extreme heat by forming new relationships with their algae’s to take on more heat.(Hect,2004). What we as humans has to do is to continuously search and find out methods which can help us to cope with the global warming. Some studies have even suggested that the global warming has stopped and it is no more hurting the mother earth (Lynas, 2008). However there are concerns that the global warming may not be stopping and that it is a continuous phenomenon and will bring in the downfall of humans eventually. There is evidence which suggest that global warming still has to unfold however

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