Monday, November 18, 2019

Zipcar Entering the Foreign Market of Germany Case Study

Zipcar Entering the Foreign Market of Germany - Case Study Example The case study "Zipcar Entering the Foreign Market of Germany" talks about the Zipcar company, car rental service. The paper also analyzes why Zipcar decided to choose Germany as their new market. The rental company was established in 2000 and is currently composed of the merged operations of Zipcar and Flexcar, even as its ownership falls into the hands of Avis. 2006-th saw the company moreover branching out from its key American base and into England, in London, as well as Canada, in Toronto. As for 2012, the company had a presence in about 300 university campuses as well as 20 key urban centers scattered in its western markets. In 2014, too, the company lists Spain as a key market. Germany, given its sizable computer and driving population and its centrality to the European economy, is a good fit as an expansion market for Zipcar. If Great Britain and Spain are viable markets because of their economic readiness for Zipcar services, then one can make an argument too for Germany as a viable market, given that it is not only the largest economy in all of Europe but also that it has the largest population in the continent, after Russia. This mix of large population and a massive economic base makes Germany an exciting market for Zipcar from an economic and demographic point of view. Digging deeper into Germany’s demographics and economic profile, out of its about 80 million citizens, close to 63 percent is between the ages of 25 and 64 years, the most economically active years from a demographic point of view.

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