Monday, August 26, 2019

Into the Fray Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Into the Fray - Case Study Example In my opinion, Danielle demonstrates the completely legitimate political behavior. After she has attempted to establish a professional relationship with Michael and upon his refusal and inaction, she has no reason to regard Michael as an ally. Still, the communication she has with Michael and his subordinates is straightforward by emailing and meetings proposals. The problem with political behavior is not with Danielle’s moves, but with Michael’s disregard of â€Å"social alliances that make an organization run†. Therefore rumors and interpretations make Danielle's behavior seem threatening and illegitimate. The only problem is that Danielle is acting and connecting to people in order to obtain the desired position, and Michael is not.First of all, Michael should decide whether or not he wants a career at Lafleur (Hassan). If he does, then his ambition should be long-term oriented and he and his family should judge as to what the best move for Michael is. If he r eally wants to develop in Lafleur, then he should take this opportunity seriously and discuss the personal implications with his family. Michael lacks international experience and the China position is an opportunity for him to develop his leadership abilities in networking and grow in the company. What is more, CEO’s proposition is only indicative that Michael is not the best candidate for Beaumont's place right now, but it also proves Pierre’s trust in Michael’s abilities and his desire to keep Michael motivated and within the company.

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